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Northern California has a lively music scene, with a multitude of options every night. Here is the Bay Area music calendar thanks to our friend Jack Cohen (RIP) and Daryl Hawkins who has set up a public Facebook group, "Jack's Blue's Clues," so that we have a working calendar.

Jack's Blues Clues (Public Group).


Click on "Events" or the "Calendar" tab (inside "Events") to view calendar.

How to a Create Public Event & Get it on "Jack's Blue's Clues" Calendar:

*Please note that you can only post one show at a time-no recurring shows.

  • Go to the public group "Jack’s Blue’s Clues" (not the page)
  • Create Event
  • Upload a picture, fill in the event title, describe event, choose date & location
  • Choose “Music” for your category
  • You can decide if guests can invite friends
  • Add "Jack's Blues Clues" as a co-host (very important)
  • Invite all members of "Jack Blue's Clues" (the public group)
  • Create


You are now in the "Jack’s Blue’s Clues" page as an event & in the calendar on "Jack Blue's Clues," the public group.


You can also create the event on your page and make "Jack’s Blue’s Clues" a co-host.


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